So you want to be a video game journalist? Well we have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that everyone and their nephew wants to write about video games, the good news is that PSU may be able to help you in your endeavors.

We are happy to introduce PSU’s community of journalism. Our goal is to give wannabe game journalists a chance to learn about the industry and have their work read by thousands of people. Our editors will work with you to polish your writing and if you have something interesting to say, we will make sure it’s in a prominent location on

Here’s what we need from you: Thought-provoking features highlighting all things PlayStation, news with a unique twist, clever image captioning, interviews with industry professionals, reviews, coverage of industry events, and anything that highlights your fascination with all this gaming. We will not accept reproduced work, so if you want to pitch us an article published elsewhere, it will not make the chopping block.

The system is quite basic. First, you must register with PSU and apply to be a part of the journalism community here. Please include a clean (no grammar or spelling errors) paragraph explaining what you can bring to the website. Showing off your killer writing abilities via samples is not required, but will certainly help your eligibility. Once you are in the community you can start posting story ideas. If you can attend events, more power to you! Everyone will get a chance to be published on the homepage and the community will help determine what makes the cut.

So what’s in it for you? Not only will you gain experience and build your portfolio, but all members will be eligible for perks like free games, DLC, game swag, and of course, cash prizes. We want good work and we are excited to help build a community of active and inspired game journalists.