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The Crew Motorfest Trailer Details Year 1 Pass, Includes 25 Cars With 3 Available At Launch

Ivory Tower has popped the hood on a new trailer for The Crew Motorfest, which looks at the game’s Season 1 Pass and Early Access.

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The Year 1 Pass is included in the Gold and Ultimate Editions of The Crew Motorfest, and features 25 cars including three vehicles available at launch. Furthermore, Early Access will allow you to jump into the driver’s seat three days early and take on the American Muscle event from September 11 — 14.

The Crew Motorfest takes place in a scale-down version of O’ahu in Hawaii, and is themed around a festival that acts as the main hub for jumping into various events. The game introduces Playlists, which are a series of thematic campaigns that offer unique car culture experiences, tailored races, themed events and unique challenges.

Players will have the option of tackling The Crew Motorfest solo or with fellow gamers, taking part in blood-pumping races through the streets of Honolulu, hitting the off-road dirt tracks on the slopes of a volcano, or simply taking it easy and kicking back a sun-soaked beach in your favourite sports car.

The Crew Motorfest is scheduled for release on September 14, 2023 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.