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Dead Island 2 Update 1.05 Brings HUD Fixes, Co-Op Improvements & Stability Fixes

Dambuster Studios has braved the zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles to retrieve a blood-drenched list of Dead Island 2 update 1.05 patch notes, bringing a host of fixes to the table including improvements to HUD, co-op, and stability.

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Welcome back, Slayers, to the second Dead Island 2 quality-of-life patch! We are thrilled to bring you another round of improvements to enhance your gaming experience even further. We’re excited to show you all the exciting changes and fixes that await you in this update. Let’s dive into the patch notes!

• Fixed the “Max Headroom” issue

Fixed issue where players would sometimes not receive the Achievement/Trophy “”Max Headroom”” when reaching level 30

• Fixed the “Perks of the Job” issue

Fixed an issue where the Achievement/Trophy “”Perks of the Job”” would sometimes not increment correctly

• Fixed the “Hollywood Ending” reward issue

Fixed an issue where finishing ‘Hollywood Ending’ with a full inventory awards two copies of Emma’s Wrath which are lost after performing a Save/Load

• Fixed Weapon-focused issues, including:

– Level Matched Weapons which were left in a Storage Locker do not revert to their original level after proceeding through any Loading Screen

– Weapons durability does not decrease while certain perks are applied

• Game HUD fixes

Ensure minimal HUD preset turns off damage numbers

• Gen 8 Consoles co-op improvements

Introducing fixes which enable players on Gen 8 Consoles to host co-op games.

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• Performance and Stability Improvements

This fixes different in-game crashes, including traveling, loading screen, and respawning during missions.

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