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Lords Of The Fallen Has Officially Gone Gold Ahead Of October Release

Lords Of The Fallen has officially gone gold ahead of its October 13, 2023 release, developer Hexworks has announced.

This means that over the next month and a half almost, the studio will be doing nothing but polishing up Lords Of The Fallen so it’s as ready as possible to release.

It’s a great sign that the team has this kind of time to polish and just fix as many things as they can find, and it’ll be interesting to see how Lords Of The Fallen performs on release.

Not just in sales, but technically, as along with Immortals Of Aveum, Lords Of The Fallen is part of the first batch of games entirely developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Considering how many developers used Unreal Engine 4 over the last and this current generation, the evolution of UE5 is important to keep an eye on, particularly with Lords Of The Fallen as this game has long been presented as a showpiece for UE5.

Source – [Hexworks]