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Rumour – God Of War Ragnarok DLC Is Incoming

Every entry of Sony Santa Monica’s main and only franchise God Of War has always been, for the most part, a whole, complete release, with no content added later.

For the last two games, 2018’s and last year’s Ragnarok, there have been updates which add some quality of life upgrades and things like photo mode, but no added story missions for Kratos and Atreus to run through.

However a new rumour could potentially be the first indication of something like that coming, as popular leaker The Snitch has claimed “Project ‘God Of War: Ragnarok DLC’ is on the way.”

The Snitch has been right in the past, specifically around God Of War news, so it could be possible that this really is happening. However as it is with all leaks that come from people online claiming to be “insiders,” you can never be certain about anything.

What could potentially corroborate this news is a previous job listing from Santa Monica which asks for a combat designer who’s very familiar with the last two games.

At publishing it was speculated that the listing could be for a new God Of War game, though that just as easily could be for upcoming DLC.

For now, we wait for anything else, or an official confirmation from Santa Monica. What’s interesting to consider though is that while Sony skipped Gamescom 2023, there’s commonly been a PlayStation Showcase or direct of some kind in the Fall, potentially even this coming September.

Which means that we could be seeing some official word on this DLC, if it is real, soon.

Source – [insider_wtf on Twitter]