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Sony Aiming For PS Portal Battery Life To Match The DualSense Controller

Speaking with CNET, Sony Interactive Entertainment said that it’s hoping to get the PlayStation Portal battery life on par with that of the DualSense controller.

Unfortunately this doesn’t paint a very accurate picture of just how long the battery will last, as the DualSense is known for clocking in at around four – 12 hours depending sources. Hopefully PS Portal will offer a decent battery life, although as it’s not designed to be taken out and about like the PS Vita was for example (it’s not technically a handheld console after all, but rather a secondary screen for PS5) it doesn’t need a huge battery life.

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Sony announced earlier this week that PS Portal will be priced at $199.99/£199.99, and features an 8-inch LCD screen that is able to display 1080p/30 FPS. PS Portal uses Wi-Fi to connect to your PS5; you must own the console to actually use the device, as it doesn’t support Cloud streaming.

[Source – CNET]