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PlayStation Production’s Could Be Hinting At A MediEvil Adaptation Incoming

PlayStation Productions, the wing of PlayStation in charge of every single film and tv adaptation we see based on PlayStation properties, from Twisted Metal to HBO’s The Last Of Us to Gran Turismo and more to come might’ve just hinted at what’s next.

Specifically a video from PlayStation Productions on its official website showcases a clip of what looks like the legs of MediEvil’s protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque.

Spotted by realradec on Twitter, who made the connection, the legs do very much so appear to be a match. No to mention that MediEvil is an excellent choice for an adaptation to tv or film.

It’s a vibrant spooky and fun setting along with plenty of humour that could do well for an animated or live-action adaptation.

We know that PlayStation Productions has multiple projects in the works, most of which we’ve not yet seen, which means this could very well be up on deck, now that Twisted Metal is out.

Besides HBO’s The Last Of Us getting a season two, and an Uncharted sequel, God Of War tv adaptation, and Ghost Of Tsushima movie, there’s not much we know about.

And even those projects listed we know very, very little about, and all remain in early stages, save potentially the Uncharted film.

It could be any of those next to ramp up, or it could very well be a MediEvil show. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source – [realradec on Twitter]