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Tormented Souls 2 Coming To PS5 In 2024

Tormented Souls 2 has been announced from publisher PQube and developer Dual Effect, set to arrive on PS5 and other current-gen platforms sometime in 2024.

A sequel to 2021’s Tormented Souls, protagonist Caroline Walker returns to suffer a living hell in the name of trying to save her sister Anna.

Tormented Souls 2 takes place in Puerto Miller, a small and remote South-American community who come with their own troubling past, as you face a terrifying monastery to look for something that could help save Anna.

Tormented Souls 2 will also be made using Unreal Engine 5, though it’s unclear if it’s being developed entirely on UE5, or if it’s just using elements of UE5.

You can check out the announcement teaser trailer that was revealed during the Future Games Showcase on Wednesday for yourself, here.

The setting doesn’t seem to be the only thing new in Tormented Souls 2, as combat will now include “makeshift” weapons that you’ll need to deal with the horrors of Puerto Miller.

You can check out more about Tormented Souls in our review of the first game right here.

Source – [Dual Effect]