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Broken Sword Parzival’s Stone Announced Alongside 4K Remaster Of The Original Broken Sword

The Broken Sword series is making comeback at Revolution Software in a big way, with two new projects in the series currently in development: Broken Sword — Parzival’s Stone and Broken Sword — Shadow of the Templars Reforged.

The sixth chapter in the much-loved franchise, Broken Sword — Parzival’s Stone is currently in development for PC and consoles and promises a ‘major evolution’ in adventure games, featuring a unique ‘Super 2D’ visual style that immerses players in hand-drawn backgrounds applied to 3D geometry.

Meanwhile, Broken Sword — Shadow of the Templars is coming to PC and consoles too, and is due out in early 2024. Revolution is completely revamping the classic 1996 adventure game, featuring revamped backgrounds, re-animated sprites, as well as enhancing the visuals to 4K and enhancing the audio quality.

Revolution Software’s Founder and CEO, Charles Cecil, commented:

This is the start of what we’re calling the ‘Broken Sword Renaissance.’ With both Parzival’s Stone and Shadow of the Templars: Reforged, we’re making a big, bold, and broad offer both to those who have walked in the shoes of George & Nico before and hunger for a new adventure, and also just as crucially people who have never even heard of the franchise. As with all Broken Sword games, both titles exist as independent adventures with no prior knowledge required, though naturally for those invested in the world we’ve created, there’s a lot to tap into under the surface.

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Broken Sword – Parzival’s Stone has yet to attract a release date, while Broken Sword – Shadow of the Templars Reforged is coming out in early 2024.